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The New Album! Release Date: November 27, 2015 
CD, Digi2CD, limited DeluxeDigi3CD (DinA5), limited Wooden Box . Order here

“The Mexican pioneers of Hard Electro are back for a full-frontal attack. In its relentless sonic prowess, the new album „Ofensor“ once again proves the exceptional status of this seminal band.

„Ofensor“ is an inferno captured on disc. Even after more than two decades, the aggressive sound that Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam a.k.a. Hocico produce does not feel in any way outdated... quite the contrary: the two Mexicans unleash a primal force of beats, shouts, atmospheric sound sculptures, brutal cacophony and aggressive, yet catchy club sounds. With the new album, the effortlessly meld the raw electronic punk energy of their early days with the modern bass-monsters of today to create a distinct sound that is totally unique within their subgenre. “Ofensor” will be released as a regular album CD, a deluxe double-disc-version including the remix-album “Invasor”, a limited 3-CD-set (1000 copies world-wide), which contains the exclusive maxi-CD “Agresor” and as a deluxe fan set, which is strictly limited to 200 copies in a classy wooden box and contains the 3CD-version, a hand-numbered ownership certificate (also hand autographed by the band!) and a custom Hocico-lucha-libre-mask which is being produced exclusively for this set.

Hocico = pure electronic hate! “

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Tracklisting: „Ofensor“
 1. Déjà-Vu Siniestro
 2. Relentless 
 3. Sex Sick
 4. Bienvenido A La Maldad 
 5. El Destello En El Cristal 
 6. Heart Attack 
 7. I Will Be Murdered (4 Minutes  of Horror)
 8. Ofensor 
 9. Mind Circus
 10. The 5th Circle 
 11. Auf Der Flucht
 12. In the Name of Violence
 13. Muerte en Reversa
Tracklisting: „Invasor (Bonus Disc)“
1. Black Opium (Aneto Remix by Heimataerde)
2. Sexsick (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
3. Mind Circus (Darkstaar vs. AJ Afterparty Remix)
4. Black Opium (Flames From Hell by Salem Witch Switch)
5. Heart Attack (Remixed by Jak Syn)
6. Relentless (Elektrosauerkraut  Remix  von  Ost+Front)
7. Black Opium (H.EXEcution by H.exe)
8. Ofensor (Remixed by Powerotik)
9. Sexsick  (Remixed by Twisted Destiny)
10. Heart Attack (Unzyme's Hyperventilation Shaft Remix)
11. Ofensor (Remixed by Orbitales)
Tracklisting: „Agresor (Ltd Bonus CD)“
 1. Black Opium
 2. What Are You Doing in My Dream?
 3. Made of Hate
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